HangTenGoSOne person does a trick. Another person attempts the same trick. If the trick is landed, everyone goes crazy. This is a Game of Skate.

A simple concept but nevertheless one that has seen a great deal of success over the years. It’s hard not to enjoy the simplicity of a Game of Skate and the potential it has for some incredible flatland trickery. These games also inspire those watching it, and even playing it, to try tricks they had never even thought of, in a display of sheer technical ability and consistency.

Having trawled the internet, we have found ten of the best Games of Skate out there and we’re thrilled to share them with you. So pick your favourites and start taking notes. This is how to play a Game of Skate!

Eric Koston vs P-Rod – One of the earliest recorded pro games.

Chris Cole vs Dennis Busenitz

Joe Moore vs John Hanson

Eric Koston vs Donovan Strain

Chris Mendes vs Long Ta vs Eder Escobar

Ash Dixon vs Nathan Gathercole vs Leon Brown

Affärs Jocke vs Joel the Gunner vs Joakim Johansson

Moose vs PJ Ladd

Chris Cole vs Alex Mizurov

Kawabe Tsukasa vs YO3 vs Seya Nakano

Hang Ten – Game of Skate