UK Round Up - Every RunLateTricks were proud to bring competitive freestyle back to UK with our gloriously British (and fabulously original) event, the UK Round Up. Freestylers travelled to the UK from all over Europe for their chance to compete in the all new overkill deathmatch format contest and get their hands on their share of the 10,000p prize fund.

7 freestylers made the trip to Redbridge and put together some incredible runs. Here are all of the riders’ top runs

Tony Gale – 1st Place

Stefan “Lillis” Akesson – 2nd Place

Erwin “Shuvit” Schuijtvlot – 3rd Place

John Hanson – 4th Place

Alex Foster – 5th Place

Denham Hill – 6th Place

Mark Andrew Goddard – 7th Place

You can find everybody’s 2nd best routines on the UK Round Up Playlist over on our YouTube page.

Thanks to all the riders and spectators who made their way down to the event and many thanks to the friendly, welcoming longboarding community who were more than happy to welcome the freestylers.

Who’s run was your favourite? Will you be joining us for the next UK freestyle contest in 2016? Head over to the LateTricks facebook page to join the discussion!

UK Round Up – Every Run