Country: Japan
Age: 21

Seya has taken the freestyle world by storm in the last year, releasing several ridiculous video parts and placing highly in several Japanese freestyle contests. Entering this year’s World Round Up as a professional, Seya is on a mission to make a mark on the international freestyle scene in 2013, bringing his incredible style and creative combinations to the world stage.

Seya started skating in July 2006 aged 14. Practicing for hours every day, Seya honed his freestyle abilities before entering his first contest in 2007, placing 2nd in the Amateur Class at the YY Freestyle contest in Hamamatsu. Uploading his first section to YouTube a year later in 2008, when he was only 16 years old, it was easy to see how much Seya loved freestyle and how stylish his skating could be.

In 2008, Seya entered his first A class freestyle contest. Storming to victory, Seya took first place in his first A Class freestyle contest. From this point Seya continued on the compete in multiple freestyle contests across Japan, including his first world championship appearance in 2009, placing 7th in the amateur division.

Seya’s video parts are simple and effective. No cutaways or special effects, just powerful freestyling with “video part tricks” – tricks you don’t see people doing every day. His most recent video has racked up several thousand views with tricks such as a gazelle underflip and a super stylish railflip to 50/50 casper.

In 2013, Seya is one to look out for. He has already been in several video parts with the team and will only continue to develop. Make sure to keep an eye out for him at this years World Round Up and don’t forget to check out his YouTube page for more incredible footage.

Contest History:

YY Freestyle contest 2007 (B Class) – 2nd20120922yy_044
YY Freestyle contest 2008 (A Class) – 1st
Freestyle World Championships 2009 (Amateur) – 7th
JFSA 2011 Final (B Class) – 2nd
JFSA First Contest 2012 (A Class) – 5th
YY Freestyle contest 2012 (A Class) – 1st
JFSA 2012 Final (Amateur) – 1st


YY Freestyle Contest 2007
YY Freestyle Contest 2008
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