The Freestyle Game of Skate is an exciting twist on the typical Game of Skate Format. To quote the great Callum Bowran “It’s kind of like Berrics rules, only completely ignoring Berrics rules”.

– Conventional rolling flatland tricks are allowed
– Foot down and Hand down tricks are permitted
– Grab tricks are permitted
– Stationary Tricks are allowed
– You can flip into or flip out of a trick, not both – keep combos reasonable!
If you land into rail, casper, 50/50, etc. you must announce your intentions first!
– Last letter gets three tries
– Offensive and Defensive toe drag are permitted if Ok’d by the referee
Because of the insanity and unpredictability, games run to 10 letters!

If you’re not familiar with the Game of Skate format, take a look at this game from the NASS Festival in 2012: