bestof20132013 has been an incredible year for freestyle skateboarding with freestylers across the world putting together some incredible video parts, contest runs and mind blowing technical combos. We’ve seen the first clean 360 Carousel, the rise of freestyle in Romania, the first knockout based freestyle contest and a whole bunch more that really makes this year stand out.

We’ve put together a selection of our highlights from the vast amount of footage we’ve recorded this year, chronicling freestyle skateboarding’s triumphant return to the UK. Featuring footage from our various sessions across the country, our freestyle demo at the Ledge Show in London and the 2013 Freestyle World Championships at NASS, this compilation features a wealth of incredible technical and creative freestyle skateboarding from riders all across the world.

This video features the skating talents of John Hanson, Matt Bladmapples, Brad Nasey, Scaife Gooch, Alex Foster, Matt Cheeseworth, Tony Gale, Callum Bowran, Marius Constantin, Matthew Smithies, Darran Nolan, Gunter Mokulys, Christian Heise, Albert Kuncz, Felix Jonnson, Sebastian Heupel, Simon Mrozinski, Mirei Tsuchida, Stefan ‘Lillis’ Akesson and Bob Renner

We hope you’ve enjoyed watching this video as much as we enjoyed making it, make sure to check out the LateTricks Facebook Page for all the latest videos and join in the discussion with other freestylers across the world. We look forward to skating with you all in 2014!

Best of LateTricks 2013