Pick of 2013 Video PartsSince the re-emergence of freestyle skateboarding into the limelight, thanks to the rising prominence of the internet, the sport has rapidly expanded and spread worldwide, in no small part thanks to the vast array of exciting video content available online. Freestylers across the globe pride themselves on producing high quality video parts featuring creative cinematography, exceptional tricks and their own unique personal stamp, ensuring a varied and consistently high standard of content.

Having spent the majority of 2013 watching freestyle skateboarding video parts, and producing a few ourselves, we have constantly been on the lookout for the top videos to share with our readers on Facebook, Twitter and in LateNews. Of the many freestyle parts uploaded this year, we’ve selected the three videos we believe to be the most impressive, the most memorable and the most likely to be watched over again and again.

Mike Osterman 2013

Teaming up with director Neal Bullock, Mike Osterman puts together a solid section with a chilled out vibe and Mike’s fantastic array of technical tricks. A truly positive film that leaves you feeling upbeat and eager to skate, this beautifully shot section encapsulates what freestyle skateboarding really means to Mike Osterman.

Masahiro and Toshiaki Fujii – DNA

The Marvellous video series has been an important influence on the latest generation of freestyle skateboarders and was the first time many of us were introduced to the incredible Fujii brothers. To this day, both Masahiro and Toshiaki Fujii strive to support the evolution of freestyle skateboarding and continue to push the boundaries in their latest joint section.

Takashi Suzuki 2013

Possibly the most unique freestyler in the world right now, Takashi Suzuki oozes style as he takes his fluent footwork to the streets in his 2013 section. Teaming up with filmmaker Yuta “Tassa” Saito, Takashi’s latest section is filmed and edited perfectly, encapsulating his sultry and expressive style exquisitely.

Honourable Mentions

Marco Sassi and Mario Steinemann, Rodney Mullen 2013 – In what turned out to be the most controversial freestyle section this year, Mario and Marco brought together their love of adult-oriented antics and freestyle skateboarding in true style with some truly ridiculous tricks

Kilian Martin, India Within – Beautifully shot as always, Kilian teams up with Brett Novak once more to produce one of his finest videos to date, seeing a welcome return to a more flatland freestyle based section.

Alexander Rademaker, A Short Skate Film – Perhaps could be considered more street than freestyle, but Alex is a truly gifted skateboarder whose freestyle-enthused skating is a true marvel to behold.

Stefan ‘Lillis’ Akesson, The Earth is Flat – Filmed in 2011 and released in 2013, this video truly shows off the 2011 World Champion’s range as a freestyler with Lillis’ usual brand of smooth wheelies with extra added tech.

Freestyle Marco, The Freestyle Marco Video – The Freestyle Marco video featuring Freestyle Marco from Freestylemarco.com was one of the finest debut sections of the year, featuring some great creative tech and perhaps the first jawbreaker to be seen in decades

Were there any clips that you enjoyed watching over the last year, or do you feel there’s something missing from our list? Join the discussion on the LateTricks Facebook Page or on Twitter @FSLatetricks. That’s it for our look back at the highlights of 2013 but stay posted to LateTricks as we take what we learned in 2013 to predict the Freestyle Ones to Watch of 2014!

Pick of 2013 – Video Parts