Pick of 2015 - Amateur Freestyle SkateboardingAs the popularity of freestyle skateboarding continues to grow, there are hundreds of new up and coming freestylers popping up across the globe, bringing a spectacular array of new tricks, combos and styles and making a real impact on the scene.

The amateur contest scene has been truly incredible to watch throughout the year, with plenty of surprises and stunning performances worthy of a professional contest. After looking back across the year, here are our picks for the top amateur freestylers of 2015.

Isamu Yamamoto

For the second year in a row, Isamu Yamamoto has absolutely dominated the amateur contest scene across the world. Along with winning every amateur contest he entered, Isamu also took 4th place in the pro division at the World Round Up and 2nd in the heated head-to-head pro contest at the All Japan Freestyle Contest. With a pro board on Decomposed, we’re excited to see Isamu progress throughout 2016. (In fact, since I wrote this, Isamu has already won his first pro contest!)

Marius Constantin

The nicest guy in freestyle, Marius Constantin has played an incredible role in the development of freestyle in Eastern Europe and proven himself to be an all-round force to be reckoned with in contests. In Paderborn, at his final amateur contest, Marius took first place for the second year in a row. Picking up a catalogue of sponsors, Marius is on his way to an incredible 2016 as a professional freestyler.

Andy Anderson

This guy has real style. Taking first place in the World Round Up amateur contest is no easy task but Andy put together several perfect runs to win the contest with real class. Andy embodies a truly classical approach to freestyle, skating spectacularly on the flatland, on the street and at the skatepark, gaining mainstream coverage and making frequent appearances at major street contests.

Honourable Mentions

Diego Pires

Diego started 2015 strong, taking first place in the Big Rio Freestyle Contest, then going on to take 3rd at the World Round Up with a solid performance and his second win of the year at the Campeonato Brasileiro De Freestyle Skate 2015.

Ikkei Nagao

Japan seems to provide a constant source of incredible up and coming freestylers at an early age, the latest of whom is a young freestyler named Ikkei Nagao. Taking 2nd place in the Oyans Cup and 3rd at the All Japan Freestyle Contest, Ikkei ended 2015 strongly with his first contest win at the Futaba Cup.

Derek Elliott

Master of the jawbreaker, Derek Elliott took 5th place in the World Round Up amateur contest and 1st in the closely contested Best Handstand Trick contest. A few months down the lien, Derek also took his first amateur contest win at the US Championships in Philly.

Erwin ‘Shuvit’ Schuijtvlot

After taking a break from competitions for the last two years, Erwin was back on fine form this year, taking 3rd place in the amateur contest at Paderborn and 3rd in both the UK Round Up and Fusion Jam Pro/Am freestyle contests.

Gustavo Kennedy

If you’ve ever seen any of Gustavo’s footage, you’ll know that this man knows some ridiculous tricks and lands them perfectly every time. After another strong year, Gustavo took first place in the 2 Etapa do Brasileiro de Freestyle Skateboard 2015 amateur contest.

We’d love to hear more about who your favourite amateur picks in 2015 were and your standout freestyle moments from the last twelve months. Join the discussion on the LateTricks Facebook page or tweet us @FSLateTricks.

Pick of 2015 – Amateur