In recent years, freestyle skateboarding has seen a boom in popularity. With a greater level of coverage than ever, the sport has been given the opportunity to evowhoweare-copylve, with new freestylers emerging on a daily basis and incredible technical ability being brought into the limelight. Freestyle tricks are breaking into mainstream skateboarding, with freestyle staples such as caspers and impossibles becoming commonplace in street contests and videos parts. The world is beginning to remember that freestyle is an integral part of skateboarding, and here at, we are proud to support freestyle in its ongoing progression. is a hub for all things freestyle, combining freestyle’s rich history with the evolution of the sport and looking into the future. With a vast online database of freestyle trivia, beginners and veterans alike can come to LateTricks to read up on freestyle’s history and the riders still making changes today. We are firm believers in the development of real talent, supporting the freestyle community and providing ongoing content and coverage.

Over the following weeks, months and years, LateTricks will continue to grow, with new information constantly being added and continual contributions to the community. We hope to build on the strength of the scene alongside the WFSA, Freestylers United, the Freestyle Podcast and everyone else who has worked so hard to show the world that Freestyle is the future. is your freestyle website. We want your stories, your videos and, most importantly, your input. Without you, the great freestyle skateboarding community, we would not be here writing this message, and we want to know what we can give back to you, as you have already given us so much.

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Thank you all for reading this, and thank you all for being part of the freestyle community.

Long Live the Freestyle Revolution!

Freestyle Revolution