Pick of 2013 - AmateurAs freestyle skateboarding continues to develop at a rapid rate, it is becoming increasingly difficult to tell the difference between professional and amateur level skating. Competing alongside some of the world’s top professionals in 2013, the new wave of amateur freestyle skateboarders have been pushing the boundaries of style and technical ability, driving forward real changes to the sport.

We have been looking back over the last year at the amateur freestylers who have truly excelled within the sport and leading the charge for the latest generation of freestylers. After careful deliberation, here are the three freestylers we’ve picked as our top amateurs of the year

Felix Jonnson

Over the last twelve months, Felix appears to have travelled to more international contests than any other freestyler in the world. Appearing in contests in Germany, England, Canada and America, Felix puts together solid runs with a nice mix of tech and style, seeing him take 1st place amateur in the World Championships and in Paderborn.

Seya Nakano

Starting strong in 2013 with a spectacular video part, Seya has spent the year blurring the lines between professional and amateur level skateboarding. On top of winning amateur contests across Japan, Seya made the trip to Canada for the World Round Up and took second place in the Pro category, placing him amongst the most impressive freestyle professionals in the world.

Pete Betti

Releasing several solid video parts throughout the year, Pete Betti seems devoted to pushing his technical combos one step further, throwing down carousels, sidewinders and double fanflips mid-combo like they were nothing. To top off his impressive year, Pete also managed to take the top spot in the hotly-contested amateur US Freestyle Championships.

Honourable Mentions

Ryan BrynelsonTop place Amateur at the World Round Up, also promoting the sport with TV Spots and international demonstrations.

Turi Zoltan – Another amateur freestyler pushing the pros for the top spots, taking 3rd in the Pro category at Paderborn and 4th in the Europa Cup in Germany.

Marius Constantin – Took 2nd place in the amateur division of the 2013 World Championships and supporting the growth and development of freestyle in Romania

Jacob Whitt – Putting together an excellent video part, Jacob also took 2nd in the amateur division of the US Championships and 4th at the World Round Up.

Isamu Yamamoto – taking 1st place in several divisions in the Megane Cup early in 2013, winning the open class at the 2013 Wai Wai event and taking 2nd in the FS.com video contest, Isamu spent 2013 developing into a world class amateur freestyler.

In a year of all-round great freestyle, selecting the best of the best is no lean feat, so if you think there’s anyone we missed out, or if you just want to let us know who you loved watching this year, make sure to let us know on the LateTricks Facebook page, or by joining us @FSLateTricks on Twitter. Stay posted to LateTricks for our top video part of 2013 coming shortly!

Pick of 2013 – Amateurs