surf-copyThis is Hang Ten, our special place on the internet to share some of our favourite freestyling videos from around the globe; more specifically, ten of our favourite!

On our video journey through the internet, you will be treated to some of the best parts of all time, some unbelievable contest runs, up and coming stars of freestyle and even videos that the world might be best forgetting!

Where better to start our journey than with the host nation for the Freestyle World Championships; the United Kingdom. Over the years, the UK has hosted some all timegreats and given the world some of a few legends of their own. In this installment, we will be looking at 10 sections from riders you can expect to see representing the UK at the championships.

Let us know what you think of these sections and don’t be afraid to shout out a few ideas for what we could look at in the future! We hope you enjoy

Darran Nolan – Heel Toe Magic

Callum Bowran

Ryan Fitzpatrick – Dirigible

Tony Gale – Sunday Session

Reece Archibald – Seizure Complex

Matthew Smithies – Who I Am

John Hanson – Chish and Flips with Extra Sauce

Scaife Gooch – Penrith Skateboarding

Alex Foster – Unnamed Video 4

Simon Mrozinski

Hang Ten – UK Style