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Freestyle Contest News

2015 has gotten off to an exciting start having already welcomed it’s first major international contest of the year. Whilst freestylers across the world have continued to battle the elements, there have still been plenty of new developments and fresh videos popping up all over the internet!

Rio Big Freestyle Event.

Originally slated as the 2014 Freestyle World Championships before the WFSA disappeared into thin air, the Big Rio Freestyle event took place on January 16th,17th & 18th at a tattoo convention. The event welcomed an impressive array of local freestyling talent along with 10 time World Champion Gunter Mokulys.

On January 16th, a hard-fought amateur freestyle contest saw Diego Pires edging out Kaue Arujo for first place. On January 17th, tattoo and freestyle lovers alike crowded around the event for the professional competition. In the end, Mattheus Navarro took 3rd place with Rene Shigueto taking 2nd and Gunter Mokulys claiming yet another world title!

The Master contest rounded off the weekend on January 18th with Paul Citrangulo in third, Edar Rodrigues in 2nd and Rogerio Antigo walking away with the win.

Results (Amateur)

1. Diego Pires
2. Kaue Arujo
3. Vinicius Dantas

Results (Professional)

1. Gunter Mokulys
2. Rene Shigueto
3. Mattheus Navarro

Results (Masters)

1. Rogerio Antigo
2. Edmar Rodrigues
3. Paul Citrangulo

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Megane Cup Vol. 4

Now into it’s fourth year, the Megane Cup in Japan is a fantastic fun entry level contest that attracts skaters of all abilities and has produced some top quality skaters over the years. Returning for his fourth year with his second Pro/Am win, Isamu Yamamoto put together an incredible run – 360 rail body variel, variel railflip 360 body varial out – insane! He was followed up by the brilliant Mirei Tsuchida and Tatsuya Fukuda.

Results (Pro/Am)

1. Isamu Yamamoto
2. Mirei Tsuchida
3. Tatsuya Fukuda

Results (Open Class)

1. Taku Tokunaga
2. Syousei Saitou
3. Kazumasa Okamoto

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Oyan’s Cup 2015

As it so often does, the rain attempted to ruin a perfectly good freestyle event, but the Japanese Freestylers refused to be beaten! Running one week later than originally planned, the Oyan’s Cup took place at a very familiar looking skatepark in Japan.

Toshiaki Fuijii put together a flawless run in the pro contest, however as he was also judging, this run didn’t count. The win went to Moichi Suzuki who also put together a brilliant run, followed by Isamu Yamamoto in second and Mitsuhiro Yasumoto in third.

Results (Professional)

1. Moichi Suzuki
2. Isamu Yamamoto
3. Mitsuhiro Yasumoto

Results (Amateur)

1. Hayakawa Kanata
2. Ikkei Nagao
3. Yuta Fujii

Results (Senior)

1. Daisuke Murakawa
2. Tetsuji Noda
3. Tomohisa Hayakawa

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Upcoming Contests

The next major Freestyle event is the Chamada Campeonato Brasileiro de Freestyle Skate 2015 in Brazil, taking place on May 3rd. The Brazilian freestyle scene features an incredible array of talent, so if you’re in Sao Paulo, make sure you check it out.

Next up, the World Round Up takes place on May 15th-18th in Cloverdale, Canada, welcoming an incredibly diverse array of the world’s finest freestylers. Last years champions Mike Osterman and Isamu Yamamoto will be in attendance along with former winner Gunter Mokulys, Kilian Martin and many more. There’s still time to enter, which you can do via the registration form.

One month later, on 13th-14th June, Europe’s longest running freestyle contest in Paderborn will take place. We will be heading out there along with some of the UK’s finest freestylers on an epic road trip, we hope to see you there! Register online now via the registration form.

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