Big Rio Freestyle Skateboard Contest 2015Location: Rio, Brazil

Event Information

This event was held during Rio Tattoo week at a large tattoo convention. This event was originally scheduled for August 2014, however this clashed with the FIFA World Cup, escalating costs. The event took place on the 16th to 18th of January 2015. It was originally planned as the 2014 Freestyle World Championships, however following the resignation of Stefan “Lillis” Akesson from the WFSA board, no further mentions of this were made.

Results (Professional)

1. Gunter Mokulys
2. René Shigueto
3. Matheus Navarro “Palitinho”
4. Lucio Flavio
5. Diego Marques
6. Renan Pereira
7. Alexandre Mendes “Brownzinho”
8. Lucas Fraga

Results (Masters)

1. Rogério Antigo
2. Edmar Rodrigues “Marroca”
3. Paulo Citrangulo “Folha”
4. Marco Grigoleto “Paulista”
5. André Ipiranga
6. Cesar “Cabeleira”
7. Adalberto Ferreira
8. Tai Tai
9. Cícero Braz
10. Celso “Chefe”
11. Edson Albuquerque “Aranha”

Results (Amateur and Beginners)

1. Diego Pires
2. Kauê Araújo
3. Vinícius Dantas
4. Gustavo Kennedy
5. Vitor Salazar
6. Fabio Napoleão
7. Neilton Abreu
8. Júlio Feio


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Interviews and skating from competitors before event