Pick of 2015 - Freestyle Skateboarding Video PArtsWith the rise of social media sites like Instagram and Vine, there has been a steady decline of full-length skateboarding parts in recent years. Thankfully, there are still more than a handful of dedicated freestylers who still put in some time to put together a solid part and leave a real lasting impression on the viewer.

Having watched the majority of full-length freestyle parts released in 2015, here are our picks for the top video parts of 2015.

Takashi Suzuki – MYTRUTH

When someone skates as uniquely and creatively as Takashi Suzuki, crafting a perfect video part must take a considerable amount of time and effort. With his 2015 part, Takashi showcased a whole host of new tricks and combinations in this stylishly shot and brilliantly edited part, with credit deserved for the whole production team.

Connor Burke – Freestyle Skateboarding Video Part 2015

You don’t get to be the US champion without some serious skills and it is safe to say that Connor has a real gift for freestyle skateboarding. His latest video part is packed with lightning fast fliptricks and creative wheelie combos that have even managed to shock and amaze the most hardcore street skaters. Much respect Connor.

Tomo Koyano – Concrete Waltz

A seriously underrated freestyler, Tomo Koyano has a great mix of technical tricks and stylish footwork, which he puts on full display in this incredibly cool video part. With slick editing and even slicker moves, Tomo puts together the complete package in this video part, which is definitely worth a watch before heading out for your next session.

Honourable Mentions

Pete Betti – Far Out Freestyle Combos

Putting together a good old fashioned skateboarding video, Pete Betti throws down hammer after hammer in this insanely tech heavy combo-fest. One of the most watched freestyle video parts of the year, Pete’s unparalleled technical ability has amazed thousands of skateboarders across the globe.

Denham Hill Weasel War Dance

Bringing fast, technical tricks with signature Yorkshire style, Denham Hill brings the bangers in his final full-length part of 2015, filmed the in classic ‘tripod style’. Denham’s fast fluent freestyle is brings a new aggressive dynamic to typically sedentary stationary tricks, which makes for an incredibly exciting watch.

Jesse Whalen – NYC Creating In Style

There’s something about Jesse Whalen’s cool, relaxed style that makes this video part endlessly re-watchable. Everything is landed solidly, despite the fact ‘everything’ is landed on a full-size street deck and includes a one footed 540 shove it to manual.

Christian Heise – Burn my Bones

One of the world’s most consistent freestyler, Christian Heise takes us on an epic journey through his 2015, packed perfectly landed tricks and his signature smooth style. Mostly self-shot, this video showcases Christian’s full range of abilities and is a great chilled out watch.

Kilian Martin: Searching Sirocco

Unable to find inconvenient enough spots to skate in India, Spain or the UK, Kilian Martin and filmmaker Brett Novak took a trip around America drop some creative freestyle tricks on the bumpiest rocks, walls and greenhouses that the great country had to offer.

Bonus Video: Road to Paderborn

We’re not vain enough to include one of our own videos in a toplist of videos of 2015 but as the only full-length freestyle video to drop in 2015, we thought this video was worth a mention. Featuring Europe’s finest freestylers, this was one of our highlights of the year and definitely worth a watch for any freestyle fans thinking of heading to the Paderborn contest.

We’d love to hear more about your favourite video parts in 2015 were and your standout freestyle moments from the last twelve months. Join the discussion on the LateTricks Facebook page or tweet us @FSLateTricks.

Pick of 2015 – Video Parts