Freestylers Choice 2015For the second year running, we put the question to you, the wonderful freestyle fanatics from across the globe, to nominate your picks for the top professional and amateur freestylers over the last twelve months.

This year we received a record number of results and a wonderfully diverse array of nominated skaters. Without further ado, here are the freestylers’ choice winners of 2015

Professional – Turi Zoltan

This man is an absolute machine; a real powerhouse of freestyle with combos for days. One of the very few freestylers to make a 360 carousel, Turi is constantly sharing his latest insane combos on social media and took 5th place at the Paderborn freestyle contest. Picking up a sponsorship from Extreme, Turi has become one of the world’s most well-known active freestylers and will undoubtedly continue to astonish us with his ridiculous combos in 2016.

Amateur – Marius Constantin

For the second year running, Marius Constantin, Romania’s premier freestyle, has been named the amateur freestylers choice champion. It’s easy to see why; every freestyler loves Marius Constantin! Between skating in demos and organising freestyle jams across Romania, Marius also won the amateur Paderborn contest with a solid performance. Having already appeared on the cover of Broken Fingers in 2016 and appearances lined up at the World Round Up and Paderborn, Marius’ first year as a pro is off to a strong start.

Runners Up

Isamu Yamamoto

All too often, people throw around the phrase “the next Rodney Mullen” but for Isamu, it’s impossible to deny the similarities. With an eclectic bag of tricks, many of which are of his own design, Isamu has won just about every contest going and has truly earned his status as a professional freestyler.

Robert Wagner

It’s amazing just how many tricks Robert knows. If you’ve ever seen one of his contest runs or video parts, you’ve only seen a fraction of what this man is capable of. Putting his tricks to good use, Robert also took 5th place in the Fusion Jam contest, 2nd in the amateur contest at Paderborn and even dropped a skatepark video part in 2015.

Honourable Mentions

Takashi Suzuki

There are no other freestylers in the world like Takashi Suzuki. His approach to freestyle is truly unique and in 2015, he shared yet another perfect video part with the world.

Tony Gale

When he wasn’t recording podcasts, skating demos or writing for Broken Fingers, Tony found time to take top positions in Paderborn and at the UK Round Up.

Boris Staver

One of Marius’ protégés, Boris has a smooth style and great bag of tricks, releasing a great video part5th in the amateur contest in Paderborn. A real up and comer!

Alex Foster

Scaife Gooch votes for me every year, so thanks Scaife. If you haven’t already, check out Scaife Gooch shredding in Lake District before it was submerged in 20 feet of water.

Marco Sassi

Marco knows some of the hardest tricks out there and skates with a spectacular style and astonishing consistency, also taking 3rd place in the pro contest in Paderborn.

So there you have it, your champions of 2015! We’d still love to hear about which freestylers you love to watch, so join the discussion on the LateTricks Facebook page or tweet us @FSLateTricks to let us know!

Freestylers Choice 2015