latenews4After making it through a dreadful winter, spring has arrived and freestylers across the world have stepped back on their boards and ventured outside. Over the past few months, we’ve seen the first freestyle contest of 2014, increased coverage for freestyle and a whole host of incredible video parts.

General Freestyle News

Megane Cup Vol. 3

Back in March, Japan again welcomed the return of the Megane Cup, a primarily amateur tiered contest, which is traditionally the first freestyle contest of the year. This event is considered an ‘entry level’ freestyle contest as it includes a skateable bench in the contest area, providing the opportunity for street skaters to dip their toes into the world of freestyle.

The level of skateboarding at this year’s contest was considerably higher than last year, the varied mix of riding styles and backgrounds adding to the excitement in the event. Japanese freestyle legend Toshiaki Fujii was also on hand to help out with the event and put together a demo for the crowds. In the end, it was the up and comers of the Japanese freestyle scene who deservedly took the top spots, with Mirei Tsuchida, who took third at last year’s amateur World Championships, taking first place in the girls class, and the incredible Isamu Yamamoto dominating the open class.

Open Class

1. Isamu Yamamoto
2. Tatsuya Fukada
3. Jun Simizu

Girls Class

1. Mirei Tsuchida
2. Rie Soeda
3. Ai Nakayama

Kids Class

1. Hirotaka Watanabe
2. Shousei Saitou
3. Megumi Takushita

Watch highlights from every run on Taku’s Youtube channel

Freestyle Skateboarding Returns to NASS

We’ve been told that freestyle skateboarding will be returning to NASS for 2014. There has been no word on what form it will take, whether it will be a contest, demo or otherwise, however as soon as we have any information, we’ll let you know

World Round Up Website goes live

Also in March, the 2014 World Round Up website went live, introducing us to the riders who will be competing, the team behind the event and new developments within the contest. The most interesting of these is the ‘Henry Candioti Skate 4 Fun Award’, a new award, named after the late, great Enrique “Henry” Candioti, that will be awarded to the skater who best embodies style in skating; a fitting tribute to an incredible skater.

At the time of writing, we are perilously close to the World Round Up, so keep posted to LateTricks for our thoughts on this years event and the results as soon as we have them.

LateTricks Free Almost Deck Contest.

The team here at LateTricks are thrilled to be giving you the opportunity to win a brand new Almost deck, great for street, freestyle or just about whatever you wanted to do with it. All you need to do to enter is submit a trick with the text “This is a clip for the Freestyle Skateboard Giveaway” in the video title or description. There are also a bunch of ways to improve your chances of winning, which you can read about here. There are currently 6 entries, which you can check out here. Best of luck!

Freestyle Podcast Episode 17

The Freestyle Podcast returns for it’s seventeenth episode after confirming the departure of Matt Gokey from the team. The latest installment is one of the longest yet and still a great source for real in-depth freestyle discussion.

GFSA Facebook Group

The German Freestyle Skateboarding Association has taken to facebook, posting great clips and photos from it’s rich history. Definitely worth a ‘like’ from any freestyle fans out there.

LateTricks filming

Matt BladThroughout March and April, we’ve been filming with incredible UK skaters Matt Blad and, returning from a long term injury, John Hanson at the phenomenal new park in Warrington, Ramp 1. We’ve already filmed some amazing skating and look forward to more filming and sharing the video with you as soon as possible!

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