Fantasy Freestyle Contest 2016The World Round up is fast approaching and this year’s contest looks to have the largest and most diverse turnout of skaters in its history. With riders joining the contest from 12 countries across the globe with an even spread of professionals and amateurs, we don’t envy the judges one bit.

To celebrate this momentous contest, LateTricks are thrilled to be running our own (totally unofficial) World Round Up fantasy freestyle contest!

Picking the Teams

If you’ve ever played fantasy football before, then you should know what to expect. You can pick your favourite freestylers across both divisions, then each of these skaters receives points based on their final placing in the contest.

To ensure a fair competition, entrants get to pick 7 professionals and 7 amateurs, with 2 from each of the following categories:

Professional/Amateur – former top 5 placing
Professional/Amateur – former 6th-10th placing

And 3 more from the following categories:

Professional/Amateur – All other riders

Each team can also select a “Team Champion” – An additional professional or amateur from the “All other riders” category, whose points are doubled at the end of the contest.

Make sure you don’t pick any duplicate freestylers, as their points will only count once!

How are points awarded?

At the end of the contest, points are determined using the placing of each skater and the number of skaters in their division. For example, if there are 20 professionals in the pro contest and your pro places first, you will receive 20 points. Similarly, the Pro who places in 20th would receive 1 point.

Skaters who don’t qualify for the finals will still receive the points for their overall placing in the semi-finals.

5 bonus points will also be awarded to every freestyler who wins one of the special competitions at this year’s event, which include the following:

Best Trick
Best Handstand Trick
Henry Candioti Skate-4-Fun Award
360 Spin Off
Longest Coconut Wheelie
Worst Trick Award

What does the Winner get?

This contest is mainly just for fun but the winner’s knowledge and love of freestyle should not go unrewarded! We’ll be sending out a copy of the latest issue of Broken Fingers for the highest scoring team.

How do I enter?

Just follow the link below to pick your team! Don’t forget to pick a team name and best of luck; hope you enjoy this year’s Round Up and we hope to see you there!

Register your Team

Fantasy Freestyle Contest 2016