Fantasy Freestyle - The Winning TeamSo the World Round Up is over for the year, with the 2016 contest destined to live on in the minds and hearts of the freestylers for many years. But enough about that, it’s time to check out the results from this year’s Fantasy Freestyle contest!

The contest was as closely fought as the actual Round Up but there could only be one winner and this year’s winner was destined to be….

Matthew Smithies!

Congratulations Matthew, your knowledge of freestyle skateboarding is second to none. Matthew’s team scored a very respectable 249 points and stormed to the victory! But just how did he do it? Here’s a look at the winning team in more detail, along with some more stats, including the best possible team you could have picked.

The Winning Team – Professional

Fantasy Freestyle - Matt's Team

The Winning Team – Amateur

Fantasy Freestyle - Matt's Team

With contest winner Connor Burke as his team champion, Matthew’s team was off to an excellent start, picking up 48 points from a single player. Add to that, Matthew picked out four of the top five placing pros in total, plus the winner of the amateur contest, Andy Anderson.

The Strongest Possible Team – Professional

Fantasy Freestyle - The Best Team

The Strongest Possible Team – Amateur

Fantasy Freestyle - The Best Team

The maximum number of points on offer was 286, with the double winner of the “Worst Trick” contest playing an important part in the score. Having Felix Jonsson and Stefan “Lillis” Akesson, ‘Team Sweden’ on your team would have brought in an extra 10 bonus points – something to consider for next year!

The Ones That Got Away

If you watched this year’s contest, you’ll have noticed that there were a few freestylers who entered the contest who weren’t available to add to your team. As their details weren’t added to the Round Up site until the last minute, it wasn’t possible to add them into the game. However, if they had been available, here are the top three freestylers who would have been a great addition to your team:

1. Derek Elliott – 20 points
2. Matheus Navarro – 19 points
3. Riley Allen – 12 points

The Most Selected Players

Interestingly, there were no duplicate entries into this event – every single team was different! That being said, there were a few freestylers who managed to find their way onto every squad, who were as follows:

Tony Gale
Andy Anderson
Alex Foster

The most selected Team Champion was Connor Burke, who was selected by 56% of players. Tony Gale was a close runner up and was selected by the remaining 44%.

The Leaderboards

Of course it was a valiant effort from all of the teams, but here’s a look at the top five ranking teams and their scores:

1. Matthew Smithies – FFWRU 2015 – 249 points
2. Jagon – The Delamination Crew – 242 points
3. Bob Loftin – Wazzocks United – 215 points
4. Dominique – Duper Dom Team – 210 points
5. Tony Gale – Moonshine and Some Other C**ts – 206 points

Thanks to everyone who played along, we hope you enjoyed playing the game. Congratulations again to Matthew, get in touch and we’ll get your copy of Broken Fingers sent out to you.

Fantasy Freestyle – Results