paderborn video highlightsTo the casual onlooker, the Goldgrund skatepark in Paderborn would appear to be nothing more than your run of the mill, bog-standard skateboard park. However, to the freestyle community, this park is one of the most important places in the whole world.

For over ten years, Paderborn has hosted one of the most well-renowned and best attended contests in all of freestyle. This small, remote park has been attended by most of the world’s finest freestylers and has played an integral part in the development of many new-wave professional freestylers.

In 2014, the LateTricks team made the trip over to Germany for the 17th Annual Paderborn BBQ Skate Contest to skate and film with some of Europe’s finest freestyle skateboarders. This is what went down.

Paderborn Video Highlights