We’re stoked to receive your entries for our Almost Skateboard giveaway and for anyone out there who wants to see some incredible skating, we’ve compiled together all entries we’ve received so far.

We hear some people have been trouble posting the link up on our video, so make sure the LateTricks.com address appears somewhere in the video description and we’ll be able to find it! Keep your entries coming, remember, you’ve only got until the 30th of May

Crossfoot Varial Double Heelflip to Crossfoot

Rumour has it that setting this trick in a game of skate will cause your opponent’s face to melt. Typically great tech from Matt Cheeseworth – Mattcheese14 on Youtube

Nollie Heelflip 360 Body Varial

A 360 body varial alone can be tricky, so just imagine throwing a nollie heelflip into the mix! So much going on with this trick – MsSkat8 on Youtube

3/4 Pressureflip to Rail, Full Flip to Rail, 1 1/2 Flip to Rail, 360 Railflip

One of the top UK freestylers John Hanson knows how to put together a nice combo, throwing together a great sequence of rail to rail tech – Rubberjonnyfive on Youtube

3/4 Kickflip to rail, to rail, varial double railflip

Freestyle Skateboarding is a tricky technical sport as it is, but imagine trying it on a full size 8 inch street deck! – Bladmapples on Youtube

Kickflip to tailstop, tailstop underflip

A nice mix of a street skateboarding staple and a classic freestyle flip, caught clean and rolled away from perfectly – TheOnlyDJChillWill on Youtube

Varial railflip to rail, rail handstand 3/4 flip

Romanian freestyle is rising and Alexandru Lilea is quickly becoming a name to remember thanks to combos like this! – Uploaded by MrConstantinMarius on Youtube

Nose manual Shove-it to Tailstop, Impossible to Nosestop, 5050Casper to …Runaway!

A nice combo of rolling and stationary tricks from one of Japan’s top female freestylers with a fantastic way to end a combo! – MIREIT on Youtube

Kickflip to Tailstop, to 50/50 to Nosestop, to Rail, Varial Railflip to Crossfoot

A bit of everything in this freestyle combo with an absolutely perfect crossfoot landing – Valentin Pascu on Youtube

360 Underflip to nosestop, fingerflip, 50/50 Varial 1/2 fingerflip

Making a great use of a small freestyle area, a nice combo started with a perfect 360 underflip – Skatinghippo666 on Youtube

Ollie to Nosestop, to Rail Shove to Rail, Varial Triple Railflip

Any Kevin Ritchie footage is worth a watch, so this smoothly executed new combo if his is worth checking out! – Kevin Ritchie on Youtube

Underflip to Rail, Body Varial, Crossfoot 180 Railflip to Rail, 1/2 Flip to Rail, Varial Railflip to Rail, Body Varial, 1/2 Flip to Rail, Varial Railflip Body Varial to Rail, 1/2 flip to Rail, Cooper Railflip

Just about every single railflip in one combo from Isamu Yamamoto, the 2014 amateur World Champion – Keigetsu512 on YouTube