Road to Paderborn - Coming SoonOn Friday 12th June 2015, a group of 7 British freestylers and 1 American legend set off on trip across the channel to the 15th Annual Freestyle Skateboarding Contest in Paderborn, Germany.

Along the way there were plenty of laughs, the world’s finest bridges, incredibly inconvenient roadworks, wasser mit gas and lots of skating. The journey spanned 5 countries in under 24 hours, bringing the freestylers to the infamous Paderborn Freestyle Contest – the longest running freestyle contest series in the world.

Featuring Tony Gale, Denham Hill, James ‘Fairbro’ Fairbrother, Simon Mrozinski, Alex Foster, Michael Erskine, Nathan Pseuzan and Bob Loftin, the LateTricks crew captured the full journey on film. Full length edit coming very soon, so keep posted to the LateTricks YouTube Channel to catch it as soon as it drops.

Road to Paderborn Trailer