Pick of Freestyle Skateboard Video Parts 2014These days, a good skate video is about more than just the skateboarding. It sounds silly to even suggest this, but invariably people are drawn to flashy filming and clever editing. Sometimes, actual skating can be lost amidst these videos, with too much style over substance.

Our top video part picks of 2014 celebrate freestyle skateboarding video parts in their entirety. The filming, the editing, the music and, above all else, the genuine skateboarding talent on display.

Connor Burke – Freestyle Video Part 2014

Connor’s 2014 video part is undoubtedly one of the most watched freestyle videos from the last 12 months. Teaming up with filmmakers Scot Talbert & Eric Diep and producing the edit himself, Connor’s section features a mix of high intensity skateboarding and fast flowing lines, shot against an array of gorgeous vistas. Whether it’s a bigspin impossible in the middle of no-one or a fanflip on the roof of a carpark, every shot looks beautiful. Connor’s background in street skating has a clear influence on this definitive video part.

Tony Gale – After Dark

Skating in a shopping centre is an oddly alluring endeavour for a skateboarder. Despite the slippy surface, the perfectly flat land and array of gentle banks and stairsets just begs to be skated. Tony Gale looks like a kid in a sweet shop in this wonderful, soulful video that reflects both the passion and creativity of freestyle skateboarders along with the inherent sense of isolation and solitude experienced by masters of the sport. Director Keelan Phillips and Editor/Cameraman Josh Holdsworth display a fantastic eye for superb shots and perfect cuts in this fantastic section.

Joe Moore: A Short Skate Film

Brett Novak expertly captures the gritty unskateable nature of these British Isles as Joe tears down the walls and skates everything from stairs and ledges to gates and trees. The fascinating thing about Joe’s skating is that it isn’t freestyle skateboarding, nor is it street or ramp skating. It’s Joe’s skateboarding and that’s it. Everything in this part is finely detailed; the careful “wiggly” videoshopping, the sound of wheels bouncing clunkily over the cobbled floor, the focus and intensity to such joyful, creative skateboarding. This is a perfect skateboarding video.

Honourable Mentions

Mic Murayama – Joy and Sorrow

Joy and Sorrow is an All Girl Skateboarding video from Japan, released back in 2013. In July 2014, Mic’s section was uploaded for the world to see. This is a wonderfully edited part featuring beautiful, clean skateboarding and Mic’s notoriously smooth style. Fantastic footwork and perfectly executed tricks in this short, relaxed video part.

Rene Shigueto – Element Brazil

Rene is one of these freestylers who skates fast and looks good doing it. In this 2014 video part for Element Brazil, Rene takes his freestyle moves to the streets with some excellent flatbank tech, smooth flips out of coco wheelies and even hitting up a few spots from Rodney Mullen’s Round 3 video part!

Marius Constantin – 100% Freestyle Skateboarding

Watching a skate section from Marius is always a treat as you never know what to expect. After each video part, Marius seems to go away and learn 100 new tricks for his next part, so you can always expect a surprise. Opening with a rail hanstand flip to rail and building form there, this is one of Marius’ finest video parts

Lars Rotterstein – Dedication 2

Every skateboarder is on a journey. You don’t have to be a World Champion or Internationally Renowned to have your own story, and this is the story of Lars Rotterstein. Beautifully shot by Jan Stollberg, this section chronicles Lars’ 10 years of freestyle skateboarding, his achievements, his travels and, above all, his dedication to skateboarding.

Turi Zoltan – Frontiers

As far as technical skateboarding goes, it doesn’t get much better than Turi Zoltan and his array of mind bending combinations. This video part may have been entirely self-shot, but it’s raw and tech skateboarding at it’s finest and it doesn’t need any fancy editing to show you the raw talent and perseverance from Turi. The last trick in this section is an astounding feat of precision and consistency, rounding off 3 powerful minutes.

With so many incredible freestyle videos being shared on a daily basis, it’s hard to find time to fit them all in! If there are any fantastic video parts you think we missed or should be looking forward to over the coming months, join the discussion on the LateTricks Facebook page or on Twitter @FSLateTricks.

Pick of 2014 – Video Parts