World Round Up 2016Location: Cloverdale, Surrey, Canada

Event Information

Entering its fifth year, the World Round Up returned to the Cloverdale Rodeo with riders from 10 countries making the trip. As usual, the event was preceded by a demo for a supermarket and an appearance in a parade with all of the riders. Per Welinder also visitd the event as a special guest, with freestylers Stefan Albert and Yuta Miyatake also attending the event but not competing. At the event’s after party, George Powell of Powell Peralta sent a Rodney Mullen re-issue freestyle deck for every rider.

Results – Final (Professional)

1. Connor Burke
2. Isamu Yamamoto
3. Mike Osterman
4. Gunter Mokulys
5. Tony Gale
6. Stefan “Lillis” Akesson
7. Ryan Brynelson
8. Christian Heise
9. Matheus Navarro
10. Per Cangeru
11. Lucio de Lima
12. Jacob Whitt
13. Marius Constantin
14. Takashi Suzuki
15. Felix Jonsson
16. A.J. Kohn
17. Bert Mathieson
18. Dan Garb
19. Pete Betti
20. Denham Hill

Results – Final (Amateur)

1. Andy Anderson
2. Diego Pires Afonso
3. Kaue Araujo
4. Marcio Torres
5. Dillanger Kane
6. Derek Elliott
7. Josh Dunstone
8. Eduardo Bandeira
9. Riley Allen
10. Brandon Ross
11. Kristopher Abramovic
12. Daniel Trujillo
13. Ben Farquhar
14. Chadd Sinclair
15. Alex Foster

Results (360 Spins)

1. Gunter Mokulys (25 spins)
2. Russ Howell (24.5 spins)
3. Kevin Harris (24 spins)

Results (Best Trick)

1. Derek Elliott (bonebreaker to sidewinder combo)

Results (Longest Coco Wheelie)

1. Matheus Navarro (78 feet)
2. Isamu Yamamoto (77 feet)

Results (Best Handstand Trick)

1. Marcio Torres (Cross handed rail handstand flip to crossfoot landing)

Results (Worst Trick)

1. Stefan “Lillis” Akesson and Felix Jonsson – Dancing Queens

Results (Henry Candioti Skate-4-Fun Award)

1. Andy Anderson

Results (Ambassadors of Freestyle Award)

AJ Kohn


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Official Event Recap

Connor Burke’s 1st place run (Professional) and Andy Anderson’s 1st place run (Amateur)

Highlights Montage by Daniel Trujillo

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