World Fairgrounds Contest 1977Location: Spokane, Washington, USA

Event Information

This event took place on 20th August 1977. Braken Christianson was only 5 years old when entering and Jeff Pickering was 1st overall for the event, winning both his freestyle and slalom contests.

Results (18 and Over Freestyle)

1. Dain Craver
2. Cheryl Gainsford
3. Pat Goodman

Results (15-17 Freestyle)

1. Hilary Bates
2. David Garrigues
3. Robert Duvoisen

Results (12-14 Freestyle)

1. Jeff Pickering
2. Mike Cook
3. Bob Bergeron

Results (11 and Under Freestyle)

1. Skip Hogsetz
2. Braken Christianson
3. Darren Hunt

Results (Women)

1. Nancy Jenkins
2. Cheryl Gainsford

Results (Overall Team)

1. Alpine House
2. Wheelsports
3. Bike Factory


Results and Article in Northwest Skateboarder Magazine