Freestyle skateboarding has enjoyed a steady growth of popularity over recent years and continues to fascinate and amaze both the freestyle loyalists and the wider skateboarding community. With mainstreamWCLOGOFULL copy video parts and coverage in both magazines and on television, wherever you see skateboarding, freestyle is never far behind.

The World Championships are an opportunity for the world’s best freestylers to come together and throw down for a chance to claim the coveted title of World Champion. Since it’s resurrection in a decade ago, the event has been a staple in the freestyle calender, showcasing both new talent and hardened freestyle veterans.

The National Action Sports Show, or NASS as it is more commonly known, is the host for this years championships. Freestyle Skateboarding has been an integral part of the NASS line up for nine years and is the home of the UK Championships. This will be the second time that NASS has seen a World Championship contest and is a welcome return for loyal festival goers.

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