Venice Freestyle Skateboard Contest 2010Location: Venice Beach, Venice, USA

About the Event
Organised by Benton Farquar, this freestyle contest and jam took place on 16th October 2010 and made use of the beautiful sunny conditions on Venice Beach, bringing freestyle to the West Coast of the USA. Gunter Mokulys was also due to skate the contest, however arrived too late to compete, but skated alongside the other riders in a demonstration.

Results (Professional)

1. Lynn Cooper
2. Stefan “Lillis” Ã…kesson
3. Keith Butterfield

Results (Amateur)

1. Robby Williams
2. Daniel Truijllo
3. Erick Mattos

Best Trick Results

1.Lynn Cooper


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Jam Highlights

Gunter Mokulys Demo Highlights

Keith Butterfield Event Highlights