US Freestyle Skateboarding Championships 2015Location: Rizzo Rinks, Philadelphia, USA

Event Information

This event took place on October 10th 2015. Connor Burke took first place in the professional contest for the second year running. The event was judged by Alan Benson Rodney Watkins Jacob Whitt Terry Synnott Mike Michael Kinney, Mr Stielin and Joe Humeres.

Results (Novice)

1. Mark Klause
2. John Valentine
3. Thomas Inglesby
4. Michael Marono
5. Phoenix Biddle

Results (Amatuer)

1. Derek Elliot
2. Beau Trifiro
3. Arjun Shah
4. Tyrone Williams
5. Michael

Results (Master)

1. Mike Kinney
2. Alan Benson
3. Rodney Watkins
4. Jim Simmons
5. Bob Loftin

Results (Professional)

1. Connor Burke
2. Mike Osterman
3. Jesse Whalen
4. Bert Mathieson
5. Pete Betti
6. Kyle Hamilton
7. Jacob Whitt

Results (High Ollie)

1. Arjun Shah

Results (Best Trick)

1. Pete Betti

Results (360 Spins)

1. Alan Benson


Event Highlights filmed by Kyle Hamilton

Gallery from the event by Mark Cline Photography