2008uschampsLocation: The Factory Skatepark, Wake Forest, USA

About the Event

Taking place around the ramps on the flatland of the Factory Skatepark, the 2008 US Championships came down to a closely fought contest between Gunter Mokulys and Tommy Harwood, both putting together flawless runs. Judged by Bob Ashton, Kai Dunkel, Mike Foster and Sam Hood, this contest was also Mike Osterman’s first freestyle contest.

Results (Professional)

1. G√ľnter Mokulys
2. Tommy Harwood
3. Sean Burke
4. Connor Burke
5. Mike Osterman

Results (Amateur)

1. Greyson Ashton
2. Kai Dunkel
3. Mike Osterman
4. Tyler Self
5. Alan Benson
6. Kayce Shelton
7. Taylor Florey
8. Cody Clair
9. Ryan Pikul
10. Emily Bettis
11. Mitchell Leschaek

Best Trick

1. Sean Burke


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Gunter Mokulys 1st Place Run, Professional

Tommy Harwood 2nd Place Run, Professional

Greyson Ashton 1st Place Run, Amateur