US Freestyle Skateboarding Championships 2019Location: Philly, USA

Event Information

Returning once again to the Rizzo Rinks, the US Championship remains one of the longest-running North American freestyle competitions. In addition to riders from across the US, this year’s event also saw competitors travelling from Canada and the UK to compete.

The event was hosted by AJ Kohn, who also skated a demo run.

Results (Professional)

1. Jacob Whitt
2. Pete Betti
3. Bert Mathieson
4. Daniel Trujillo

Results (Amateur)

1. John Sawyer
2. Eric Lowery
3. Bryce Noe
4. Hatch Sallee
5. Jordan Griffin
6. Arjun Shah
7. Vaughn Johnson
8. Alex Foster
9. Tyrone Williams
10. Carlos Rosa
11. TD Armstrong
12. Matt Phillips

Results (Masters)

1. Tim Morris
2. Mike Kinney

Results: Best Trick
1. Bert Mathieson

Results: 360 Spins
1. Tim Morris

Results: High Ollie
1. Pete Betti


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Jacob Whitt, 1st place run, professional

John Sawyer, 1st place run, amateur

Full Masters Contest

360 Spin Contest and Best Trick Contest

Full Playlist of all Professional Runs

Full Playlist of all Amateur Runs