US Flatland Freestyle Championship 2007Location: The Factory Skateboard Park, Wake Forest, North Carolina, USA

Event Information

This event took place on May 26th 2007. The event was organised by Kayce Shelton with support from Small School, Decomposed and Sk8Kings. At 12 years old, Greyson Ashton was the youngest competitor at the event. A solid performance earned Sean Burke a spot on the Delicious Skateshop Team and Connor Burke, entering his first ever contest, took 1st in Amateur and 3rd in Pro.

Results (Professional)

1. Tommy Harward
2. Frank Lee
3. Connor Burke
4. Sean Burke
5. Tim Morris
6. Bob Asthon

Results (Amateur)

1. Connor Burke
2. John Jaje
3. Greyson Asthon
4. Kyle Kiefer
5. John Sargent
6. Alan Benson
7. Kai Dunkel
8. Tyler Self
9. Justin Lozoff
10. Cody
11. Sam Hood

Results (360 Spins)

1. Tim Morris (34)
2. Bob Asthon (17)
3. John Jaje (16)
4. Alan Benson (10)

Results (Best Trick)

Single Trick: Kyle Kiefer (Rail Handstand to Pogo)
Overall Performance: Tommy Harward and Sean Burke


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