Philly Freestyle Skateboard 2017Location: Philadelphia, USA

Event Information

For the eighth year running, following the successful World Championships in 2010, freestyle skateboarding returned to Philadelphia, taking place on 16th September and welcoming riders from across the USA, Sweden and Morocco. All proceeds from the event, which was organised by AJ Kohn, went back into the community to build and develop educational inner city skateboard programming, building and maintaining local parks.

Results (Pro)

1. Bert Mathieson (91.5)
2. Jacob Whitt (91)
3. Yassine Boundouq (90)
4. Pete Betti (89)
5. Felix Jonsson (88.5)
6. Sean Burke (88)
7. Derek Elliott (87.5)

Results (Amateur)

1. Tyrone Williams
2. Eric Lowery
3. Arjun Shah
4. Hatchert Sallie
5. Brady
6. Dan Robbins

Results (Novice)

1. Dylan Evans

Results (Masters)

1. Michael Kinney
2. Rodney Watkins
3. Jim Simmons
4. Mike Naples

Results (360 Spins)

1. Bert Mathieson (14)

Results (Best Trick)

1. Pete Betti

Results (High Ollie)

1. Arjun Shah (34.5)

Results (Game of SKATE)

1. Arjun Shah


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Event Facebook Group
Event informaiton on Evensi website


Bert Mathieson, 1st place run (Professional)

Mike Kinney, 1st place run (Masters)

Event Warm Up Footage

Tyrone Williams, 1st place run (amateur)
Event photography and videos by Peter Majka
Event Photography from Mark Cline Photography