Philly US Championships 2016Location: Philadelphia, USA

Event Information

This event took place on Saturday 24th September at the site of the 2010 Freestyle World Championships. The contest was once again arranged by AJ Kohn and raised $200 for the Rizzo Rinks to provide 12 new helmets/decks for the Inner City Skateboard program.

Results (Professional)

1. Felix Jonsson
2. Derek Elliott
3. Jecob Whitt
4. Beau Trifiro
5. Daniel Joaquin Trujillo
6. AJ Kohn

Results (Amateur)

1. Evan Breder
2. Brandon Ross
3. John Sargent
4. Arjun Shah
5. Michael Pendowski
6. Tyrone Williams
7. Ricky Rodriguez
8. Eric Lowery

Results (Masters)

1. Tim Morris
2. Michael Kinney
3. Rodney Watkins
4. Jason Thoel
5. Jim Simmons

Results (360 spins)

1. Tim Morris (18.5)

Results (Best Trick)

1. Jacob Whitt

Results (Game of Skate)

1. Arjun Shah

Results (High Ollie)

1. Arjun Shah (34.5 in)


Article on Concrete Wave website


Brandon Ross’ 2nd place run – Amateur

Ricky Rodriguez’s 7th place run – Amateur

Event photography from Mark Cline Photography – part 1
Event photography from Mark Cline Photography – part 2