UK Round Up 2018Location: Redbridge, London, England

Event Information

The fourth annual UK Round Up Competition took place on Saturday 14th July and saw the best weather since the event’s foundation. Riders travelled from across the UK and Sweden for the event, which featured the ‘overkill deathmatch’ format and the Instagram Grand Slam Classic format (15 second runs). Free water was provided for the event with the prizes resembling lawn ornaments. Reece Archibald was awarded the Spirit of the UK Round Up award as he most accurately represented the spirit of the event (wanting to attend but not being able to) with Nathan Hill arbitrarily earning 9th place in the Instagram Grand Slam Classic contest, despite not attending the event.

Results (Pro/Am)

1. Tony Gale (273,500 points)
2. Stefan “Lillis” Akesson (271,000 points)
3. Denham Hill (219,000 points)
4. Matthew Smithies (194,000 points)
5. Alex Foster (179,000 points)
6. Toby Lodge (165,500 points)
7. Anthony Simm (155,000 points)
8. Barney Lynch (151,000 points)
9. Aaron Watts (128,000 points)

Results (Instagram Grand Slam Classic)

1. Denham Hill
2. Anthony Simm
3. Alex Foster
3. Stefan “Lillis” Akesson
3. Toby Lodge
6. Barney Lynch
7. Aaron Watts
7. Tony Gale
9. Nathan Hill

Spirit of the UK Round Up Award

Reece Archibald