UK Round Up Flyer - freestyle skateboarding contestLocation: Redbridge, London, England

Event Information

The third annual UK Round Up welcomed the highest number of skaters since its inception, with riders coming from across the UK, German and Switzerland. The event parodies the World Round Up contest in Canada, building on their “battle” format (1 minute runs) with its “overkill deathmatch” format (two 1 minute runs back-to-back). The increased attendance was due to the free water provided with the event, which has become a highly coveted prize. Head judge was Nathan Hill, with Tony Gale, Alex Foster, Michael Erskine and James “Fairbro” Fairbrother also judging the main contest.

Results (Pro/Am)

1. Tony Gale (263,000)
2. Denham Hill (248,000)
3. Alex Rademaker (237,000)
4. Matt Smithies (227,000)
5. John Hanson (211,000)
6. Alex Foster (210,000)
7. Michael Erskine (195,000)
8. Gresch Bandicoot (184,000)
9. James ‘Fairbro’ Fairbrother (164,000)

Results (Offline Instagram Grand Slam)

1. Matt Smithies
2. Tony Gale
3. Denham Hill
4. John Hanson
5. Alex Rademaker
6. Alex Foster
6. Gresch Bandicoot
6. James ‘Fairbro’ Fairbrother
6. Michael Erskine
7. Nathan Hill


Article about the contest on Concrete Wave website


Tony Gale, 1st place run

Denham Hill, 2nd place run

Alex Rademaker, 3rd place run

Playlist of all contest runs