Tony GaleCountry

United Kingdom


Moonshine, Jimmy’Z, Seismic, Synopsis

Contest History

BFSN UK Freestyle Contest 2003 (Pro/Am) – 1st
BFSN UK Freestyle Championships 2004 (Pro/Am) – 1st
NASS European Freestyle Championships 2005 (Pro/Am) – 3rd
Freestyle World Championships 2006 (Professional) – 4th
Paderborn BBQ Skateboard Contest 2015 (Professional) – 2nd
UK Round Up 2015 (Pro/Am) – 1st
The World Round Up 2016 (Professional) – 5th


Tony – “I done did some tricks and won some things years ago. Recently, I came second in a competition, placing me between a German and an Italian on a non-existent podium. Neither of them talked to me much, but they both seemed lovely. I refuse to attend any event unless I am provided with two bags of jelly beans that have already been separated into different colours.”


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