World Round Up 2015Location: Cloverdale Rodeo and County Fair, Canada

Results (Amateur Semi-finals)

10. Adam Flood
9. Chad Sinclair
8. Daniel Trujillo
7. Austin Shelton
6. Mic Murayama
5. Dillanger Kane
4. Derek Elliot
3. Diego Afonso
2. Andy Anderson
1. Kaue Araujo

Results (Professional Semi-finals)

1. Mike Osterman
2. Gunter Mokulys
3. Isamu Yamamoto
4. Rene Shigueto
5. Per Canguru
6. Stefan “Lillis Akesson
7. Jacob Whitt
8. Christian Heise
9. Jesse Whalen
10. Takashi Suzuki
11. Lucio Flavio Simas de Lima
12. Felix Jonnson
13. Dan Garb
14. Shen Meng
15. Satoshi Ohashi
16. Stefan Albert

Results (Amateur)

1. Andy Anderson
2. Kaue Araujo
3. Diego Pires Afonso
4. Derek Elliott
5. Dillanger Kane
6. Mic Murayama
7. Adam Flood
8. Austin Shelton
9. Daniel Trujillo
10. Chad Sinclair

Results (Professional)

1. Gunter Mokulys
2. Mike Osterman
3. Rene Shigueto
4. Isamu Yamamoto
5. Stefan “Lillis” Akesson
6. Christian Heise
7. Per Canguru
8. Lucio Flavio Simas de Lima
9. Jesse Whalen
10. Dan Garb
11. Takashi Suzuki
12. Shen Meng
13. Jacob Whitt
14. Felix Jonnson

Results (Legends)

1. Lynn Cooper
2. Bert Mathieson
3. Russ Howell
4. Tai Tai Lopes
5. Kevin Harris

Henry Candiotti Skate 4 Fun Award

Stefan Albert

360 Spin Contest

1. Gunter Mokulys (24 Spins)
2. Kevin Harris (23 Spins)

Best Trick Contest

1. Jesse Whalen
2. Diego Pires Afonso

Best Handstand Trick

1. Derek Elliott
2. Bert Mathieson

Longest Coco Wheelie

1. Diego Pires Afonso (80 feet)
2. Rene Shigueto (67 feet)


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Gunter Mokulys (Pro) and Andy Anderson (Amateur) 1st place runs

World Round Up 2015 Edit by Daniel Trujillo

Isamu Yamamoto, Gunter Mokulys and Mike Osterman semifinal runs

World Round Up 2015 – The Chadd Sinclair Experience

Event Preview by Darryl Grogan