The Uk Round Up 2 - Freestyle Skateboarding ContestLocation: Redbridge, London, England

Event Information

This event took place on July 16th at the Redbridge Cycle Track in North London, welcoming freestylers from across the UK. This was Alex Thompson and Scott Dughan’s first freestyle contest. Event sponsors included Never Enough Skateboards, Seismic, X-Caliber, LateTricks and Deathbox

Results (Pro/Am)

1. Tony Gale
2. Alex Thompson
3. Alex Foster
4. Reece Archibald
5. Graham “Mac” MacEachran
6. Scott Dughan

Results (Best Trick)

1. Reece Archibald
2. Tony Gale


Tony Gale’s first place run

Alex Thompson’s second place run

Alex Foster’s third place run

All contest runs