Swedish Freestyle Championships 2001Location: Borlänge. Sweden

Event Information

Unlike typical freestyle contests, this contest only featured 1 minute long runs in the “older” division. Stedan “Lillis” Akesson won in both divisions, skating even faster in the shorter run format.

Results (Open Division)

1. Stefan “Lillis” Åkesson
2. Mark Emmoth
3. Denis Sopovic
4. Sverker Persson
5. Stefan “Stille” Stens
6. Ove Nilsson
7. Andreas Lundberg
8. Tomas “Berra” Berggren

Results (Older Division)

1. Stefan “Lillis” Åkesson
2. Stefan Johansson
3. Uffe Hansson
4. Stefan “Stille” Stens
5. Tomas “Berra” Berggren


Article and results in the F Magazine (archived)