Spring Session Freestyle Contest 2019Location: Darlington, UK

Event Information

This contest was the first freestyle contest in North East England for several decades, attracting freestylers from across the UK. The contest was arranged by Anthony Simm and hosted at the 4Motion Skatepark in Darlington. The main judge events were Alex Foster, Denham Hill and Reece Archibald, with Anthony Simm providing support during their runs.

Results (Pro/Am)

1. Reece Archibald
2. Joe Moore
3. Denham Hill
=4. Alex Foster
=4. Anthony Simm
6. Daniel Greschner
7. Aaron Watts
8. Barney Lynch
9. John Hanson
10. Michael Erskine
11. Liam Okey


Post-event post from organiser Anthony Simm
Winners and discussion on LateTricks Facebook


Reece Archibald, 1st place run

Joe Moore, 2nd place run

Denham Hill, 3rd place run

Playlist of all runs
Event photo gallery from Daniel Greschner