Spot On Glendale Freestyle Skateboard Contest  2008Location: Verdugo Park, Glendale, California, USA

Event Information

This event was part of the 2-Part US Championships, held in Glendale and Wake Forest. Kendra Bell set a new women’s high jump world record with a 107cm jump. This event was also attended by Brett Novak and Ben Farqhuar, but their placings are not known.

Results (Masters)

1. Kevin Harris
2. Stefan “Lillis” Åkesson
3. Keith Butterfield

Results (Pro Battle)

1. Alex Liebendorfer
2. Keith Butterfield
3. Darryl Grogan

Results (Junior Battle)

1. Greyson Asthon
2. Bastian Åkesson
3. Alex Liebendorfer

Results (360 Spins)

1. Kevin Harris (38.5)
2. Bob Asthon (30)
3. Keith Butterfield (10)

Results (Men’s High Jump)

1. Vertron Russell (129.54cm)
2. LeVon Staton (129.54cm)
3. Rene “Shigueto” Marubayashi (122cm)

Results (Women’s High Jump)

1. Kendra Bell (107cm)


Results and write up in 2008 Freestyle Season Wrap Up


Kevin Harris – 1st Place Run, Masters

Professional Freestyle Battle

Amateur Freestyle Battle

Contest runs on Robert Staton’s YouTube Channel