Slatina Skate Open 2024 FlyerLocation: Slatina, Romania

Event Information

The Slatina Skate Open was the first international freestyle contest to be held in Romania. The contest brought skaters from around the globe to the city of Slatina, the birthplace of the modern freestyle movement in Romania and home to many of the world’s best freestylers.

The event took place on June 1st at the new skatepark in Slatina, which featured one of the world’s only dedicated freestyle spaces. With such a perfect place to skate, the freestylers only had the heat to content with (>30oC), but that didn’t stop some incredible runs going down.

The event was also the pro debut for Stephane Lagorce (following his recent victory at the ABF Freestyle Contest in France) and Bryce Noe (following his recent victory at the World Round Up in Vancouver). Judges included Tony Gale, Alexandru Stirbu, Harry Fisher (Amateur/Girls) and Alex Foster (Pro). In addition to trophies for the top three skaters in all divisions, Eric Schader received the ‘Veteran’ award, also putting in a solid performance to earn 4th place in the amateur division.

Results (Professional)

1. Daniel Popescu
2. Bryce Noe
3. Harry Fisher
4. Stephane Lagorce

Results (Girls)

1. Carmen Ionita
2. Rhiana Grigore
3. Monica Tusinean

Results (Amateur)

1. Alex Foster
2. Andrei Novelli
3. Stefan Anghelina
4. Eric Schader
5. Alexandru Feraru
6. Alexandru Soare
7. Matteo Dumitrache
8. Robert Goran
9. Mircea Nicolescu
10. Almog Saada
11. Alexandru Stan
12. Samuel Schader
13. Vladimir Bubu Rada
14. Ahad Zaidi


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