Skate City Whittier Christmas Classic 1982 Per HolknektLocation: Whittier, CA, USA

Event Information

This event rounded out the skateboard contest season in 1982. Tony Hawk and Mike McGill, pool/vert skaters on the Bones Brigade, also competed in the freestyle contest, Tony placing higher with his “impressions” run, impersonating other skaters such as Duane Peters. Open Amateur freestyle contest rider Gary Sanderson also won the Open Am Pool contest and Open Amateur Overall Series Trophy.

Results (Professional)

1. Rodney Mullen
2. Primo Desiderio
3. Per Welinder
4. Per Holknekt
5. Tony Hawk
6. Chuck Webb
7. Mike McGill

Results (Sponsored Amateur)

1. Keith Butterfield
2. Dennis Haber
3. Bob Schmelzer
4. Jerry Valdz
5. Bill Wahl
6. Paul Hiniker
7. Eric Jueden
8. Rick Demontrond
9. Steve Steadham
10. James Robinson
11. John Lucero
12. Chris Robison
13. Chris Miller
14. Don Pollard
15. Jeff Grosso
16. Eric Nash

Results (Open Amateur)

1. Ray Gardea
2. Mark Richards
3. Anthony Sedilla
4. Dave Tucker
5. Gary Sanderson
6. John Chiola
7. Jeff Heath
8. Lynn Cooper
9. John Countee
10. Garry Davis
11. Eric Sanderson
11. Greg Ducolon
13. Mark Hamilton
14. Jason Catalano
15. Gary Guesnon
16. Paul Young


Event Results and Article in Thrasher Magazine