Old School Skateboard Contest 2016Location: Guaratinguetá, Brazil

Event Information

This event took place on the 25th of September alongside bowl and streetstyle contests. The event was open to masters and professional freestylers. The contest for first place in the Pro contest was closely fought, with Isnard Rocha even making a 720 shove it in his routine.

Results (Professional)

1. Matheus Navarro
2. Isnard Rocha
3. Marcos Toshiro
4. Alexandre Brownzinho Mendes
5. Tai Tai Lopes

Results (Masters)

1. Rogerio Antigo
2. Edmar Marroca
3. Paulo Folha Citrangulo
4. Andre Luis
5. Cesar Paiva Seba
6. Osmar Fossa
7. Cicero Braz
8. Adalberto Rocha Ferreira


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Contest results on CBSK


Official photography from the event