Location: Herlev, Copenhagen

Event Information

The first Scandinavia Open contest, an event hosted by the Danish Skateboard Association, Swedish Skateboard Association and Herlev Skateboard Club, welcomed 55 skaters from Denmark, Sweden, England, Germany, Spain, France and Switzerland. Many of the skaters competed in multiple disciplines, with Hans Jacobsson (21st place freestyle) winning the half pipe contest.

Results (Freestyle Open)

1. Shane Rouse
2. Stefan “Lillis” Akesson
3. Jean Marc Vaisette
4. Frank Messmann
5. Christian Seewaldt
6. Joachim “Yoyo” Schulz
7. Martin Willners
8. Stefan Johansson
9. Jose de Matos
10. Jean Marc Alavoine
11. Gunnar Almevik
12. Ruedi Matter
13. Michael Neuss
14. Torbjorn Andersson
15. Martin Bjork
16. Patrik Alseby
17. Ola Persson
18. Lars Karlsson
19. Francois Sejourne
20. Detlef Rebbock
21. Hans Jacobsson


Contest Results on Shredders Lodge
Results on Brettstedet website

Thanks to Lars Rendil for sending us the link for this information!