Savannah Slamma 3Location: Savannah, Georgia, USA

Event Information

This was the third annual Savannah Slamma contest, the first of which to include a freestyle contest, and took place on Friday 19th May 1989. The freestyle event took place away from the main event and was held in a car park in Savannah City Park. This was Joe Humeres and Darryl Grogan’s first pro contest. The riders were divided into two heats and given two runs with the top 5 progressing to the finals.

Lynn Cooper, Joe Humeres, Greg Smith, Denny Riorden, Tim Morris, Mark Gonzales, Fabian Kravetz, Bill Robinson amd Reggie Barnes also skated in this contest, but their placings are not known. Bruce Walker skated in a demo.

Results (Professional)

1. Rodney Mullen
2. Per Welinder
3. Pierre Andre Senizergues
4. Don Brown
5. Darryl Grogan


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Freestyle Contest Highlights

Rodney Mullen’s 1st place run

Per Welinder’s 2nd place run

Pierre Andre Senizergues’ 3rd place run

Don Brown’s 4th place run

Darryl Grogan’s 5th place run

Tim Morris’ run

Denny Riordon’s run

Bruce Walker’s demo run

Event Practice

Additional runs on 80s Freestyle Channel