Location: Paderborn, Germany

Event Information

The world’s longest running freestyle contest returned once more, with over 40 freestylers traveling from across Europe to compete. Taking place on Sunday 25th June, the event was swelteringly hot, making for a highly challenging contest. Judges across all divisions included Patrick Thies, Oleg Bagirov, Tony Gale, Denis Sopovic, Kevin Wessels, Robert Wagner and others. Each of the four judges for each division was focused solely on one category (style, consistency, technicality and variety).

Winner of the professional contest, Tobias Bamacher, became one of only a small number of freestylers to win both their last amateur contest and first professional contest.

Results (Professional)

1. Tobias Bamacher
2. Daniel Adam
3. Guenter Mokulys
4. Daniel Popescu
5. Marius Constantin
6. Tony Gale
7. Robert Wagner
8. Felix Jonsson

Results (Amateur)

1. Harry Fisher
2. Andrei Novelli
3. Timbo Vens
4. Alex Foster
5. Paolo Virgilio Demurtas
6. Tobias Heise
7. Matthias Adam
8. Danny “Darkslide” Klahold
9. Kevin Wessels
10. David Schmeide
11. Burns Lorenzen
12. Wolf Buck
13. Marcel Enge
14. Alexandru Stirbu
15. Melvin Muhring
16. Patrick Thies
17. Craig Lees
18. Stefan Hante
19. Maarten van Heel
20. Jelle Callens
21. Alexandre Keltz

Results (Girls)

1. Rhiana Grigore
2. Carmen Ionita
3. Alexandra Dumitrache
4. Toni Werner
5. Cornely Krijnen
6. Freya Rusk

Results (Masters)

1. Christian Heise
2. Joachim “Yoyo” Schulz
3. Paul Brunninkhuis
4. Pierre Woita
5. Denis Sopovic
6. Oliver Rief


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