Paderborn Freestyle Skateboard 2018Location: Paderborn, Germany

Event Information

The world’s longest-runnning freestyle contest returned to Paderborn for the 18th time, attracting one of its most internationally diverse groups of riders in several years. Nick Bealieu injured his toe the day before the contest and was unable to walk; however, Tony Gale was able to treat it by piercing his toenail with a hot needle in a late night fix, allowing Nick to skate the following day and, subsequently, win his first amateur contest.

Not all of the amateur contest results were published, so places 11th through 14th are unknown; however, the riders are still listed below.

Results (Professional)

1. Gunter Mokulys
2. Tony Gale
3. Felix Jonsson
4. Marius Constantin
5. Christian Heise
6. Reece Archibald
7. Kauê Araújo
8. Denham Hill
9. Danny ‘Darkslide’ Klahold
10. Fabian Friedberger

Results (Amateur)

1. Nick Beaulieu
2. Alexandru Lilea
3. Christian Müller
4. Alexandru Stirbu
5. Robert Wagner
6. Erwin Schuijtvlot
7. Matteo Dumitrache
8. Paul Brunninkhuis
9. Daniel Greschner
10. Alex Foster
– Alexandru Feraru
– Barney Lynch
– Jari Paakkari
– Tobias Heise

Results (Masters)

1. Eli Meyers
2. Joachim ‘Yoyo’ Schulz
3. Michaela Tritthart


Results and report in the Freestyle Report


Gunter Mokulys, 1st place run, professional contest

Nick Beaulieu, 1st place run, amateur contest

Eli Meyers, 1st place run, legends contest

Playlist of all professional runs
Playlist of all amateur runs
Playlist of all legend runs

Practice session clips from Danny Klahold

Roadrip to Paderborn with Marius Constantin part 1

Roadrip to Paderborn with Marius Constantin part 2
Roadrip to Paderborn with Marius Constantin part 3