Paderborn Freestyle Skateboarding Contest 2017Location: Paderborn, Germany

Event Information

2017 marked the 20th anniversary of the Paderborn Skateboarding Contest and the 17th freestyle contest, with Yoyo Schulz having been a driving force behind the event and continuing to visit each year.The event saw a diverse international line up, with skaters from across Europe, Brazil and the USA in attendance. Scaife Gooch competed in the event dressed as the Mad Hatter.

Results (Professional)

1. Tony Gale
2. Felix Jonsson
3. Turi Zoltan
4. Reece Archibald
5. Christian Heise
6. Mario Steinemann
7. Matej Kouba
8. Marius Constantin

Results (Amateur)

1. Robert Wagner
2. Christian Muller
3. Danny “Darkslide” Klahold
4. Alexandru Stirbu
5. Thomas Nasciemento
6. Alex Foster
7. Alexandru Lilea
8. Mad Hatter

Results (Masters)

1. Joachim “Yoyo” Schulz
2. Bert Mathieson
3. Bob Loftin
4. Eli
5. Denis Sopovic
6. Pierre Woita
7. Paul Brunninkhuis


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Events Highlights montage by Reece Archibald

Tony Gale, 1st place run (Professional)

Robert Wagner, 1st place run (Amateur)

Joachim “Yoyo” Schulz, 1st place run (Legend)

Playlist of all professional runs
Playlist of all amateur runs
Playlist of all masters runs
Event Practice, featuring several Freestylers
Freestyle Podcast Paderborn Report
Event Photography from Enrico Ewe