Paderborn BBQ Skateboard Contest 2015Location: Im Goldgrund Skatepark, Paderborn, Germany

Event Information

This year’s event celebrated 15 years of freestyle skateboarding contests in Paderborn, welcoming an incredibly talented array of skateboarders from 8 countries across the globe.

Results (Professional)

1. Gunter Mokulys
2. Tony Gale
3. Marco Sassi
4. Christian Heise
5. Turi Zoltan
6. Mario Steinemann
7. Denham Hill

Results (Amateur)

1. Marius Constantin
2. Robert Wagner
3. Erwin Schuijtvlot
4. Danny “Darkslide” Klahold
5. Boris Staver
6. Christian Muller
7. Alex Foster
8. Peter Eysink
9. Kevin Hegemann
10. James Fairbrother
11. Lennart Van De Peppel
12. Alexander Bergmann
13. Michael Erskine
14. Daniel Adams

Results (Legend)

1. Joachim “Yoyo” Schulz
2. Bob Loftin
3. Stefan Albert


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Event Highlights Montage

Road to Paderborn – Road Trip Movie featuring the UK Crew

Gunter Mokulys – 1st place run (Professional)

Marius Constantin – 1st place run (Amateur)

All contest runs on Danny Darkslide’s YouTube Channel