Paderborn 2014Location: Paderborn, Germany

About the Event
2014 saw the 17th annual BBQ skateboard contest at Goldgrund skatepark in Paderborn. Despite a little rain, the event saw a great turnout, with over 20 riders from 8 countries competing. Gunter Mokulys was due to skate, but due to an injury, he lead the judging team instead. Everyone put down incredible runs with Sebastian Heupel taking 1st place professional and Marius Constantin winning his first ever amateur international contest.

Results (Professional)

1. Sebastian Heupel
2. Marco Sassi
3. Turi Zoltan
4. Joachim “Yoyo” Schulz
5. Callum Bowran
6. Christian Heise
7. Mario Steinemann

Results (Amateur)

1. Marius Constantin
2. Paul Brunninkhuis
3. Robert Wagner
4. Felix Jonnson
5. Christian Müller
6. Andy Timmreck
7. Danny Klahold
8. Kevin Hegemann
9. Alexander Lilea
10. Oliver van Nooten
11. Lennart van de Peppel
12. Alex Foster
13. Peter Eysik
14. Alexander Bergmann
15. Tim Poijl


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Event Highlights from

Sebastian Heupel – 1st Place Run (Professional)

Marius Constantin – 1st Place Run (Amateur)