Location: Paderborn, Germany

Event Information

This was the third annual freestyle contest in Paderborn, held on 13th July 2003. Ulli Schoenborn was announced the winner in this contest, however passed the award on to Peter Ruschel, who had placed 3rd, as he felt he was more deserving of the victory. This event took place alongside the street event at Paderborn and attracted a higher number of riders than the previous years.

Results (Pro/Am)

1. Ulli Schoenborn/Peter Ruschel
2. Starsky Kleinhans
3. Peter Ruschel/Ulli Schoenborn
4. Luis Max Escarate
5. Joachim “Yoyo” Schulz
6. Georgio Czerwinski
6. Hendrick Waldera
8. Perre Geisler
9. Jan Kupfer
10. Stefan Albert
11. Bernhard Kuempel
12. Christopher Whitehead
13. Vadim Martel


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